Ariana Mobile Pokies – 15 Free Spins, Stacking Symbols and Additional Benefits!

Are you ready for the most exciting game of them all? Today is your opportunity to join an incredible game that will quickly benefit you not only with a highly unique gaming atmosphere, fantastic gambling features and great benefits, but also with the opportunity to win up to 30,000 credits and 15 free spins right away! Be sure that once you start playing Ariana Mobile Pokies at All Jackpots mobile Casino you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy a lot more than you ever did before! Wonderful graphics and unique benefits you will not find anywhere else, highly rewarding symbols such as Scatter and Wild, and expanding symbols that take part in your game both on the base game mode and on the free spins mode! So don't wait any longer and join us now on the Ariana game! It will surely make your day be much more enjoyable than your days used to be so far! 

Expanding Symbols? Tell Me More!

Well you definitely SHOULD know much more about it! The stacking symbols reward is probably one of the most unique benefits Ariana can offer you when you choose to play mobile pokies! First of all, when you play this game on the regular mode (also called "base game" which is any spin that is not a free spin), each and every time a full symbol is stacked on reel 1, it expands all the matching high symbols on the other reels. The equivalent benefit takes part during the free spins! On the free spins mode any full symbol on reel 1 expands all matching high symbols & the Wild symbols on the other reels. You will be quickly benefited with a lot more credits and wonderful rewards than you ever thought possible!

What Is the Wild?

Wild is your way to enjoy much more by doing substantially less at this game! Each and every game has its own rules, but one of most common ways to win mobile pokies on most of the games is to receive three, four or five same - looking - symbols on your reels. This way you have a three of a kind, a four of a kind or a five of a kind that can quickly benefit you and your payline. However, Wild is a symbol that can let you win more credits while you are not required to have this amount of symbols on the reels. The secret here is that Wild can serve as a substitute to all of the symbols (expect the Scatter) and once it does so, only two of a kind and a Wild are required in order to create a "three of a kind" (as well as the relevant payout, of course). Four of a kind will similarly be created from three adjacent and identical symbols that are accompanied by an adjacent Wild symbol. If you want to receive the highest sort of payout while you play mobile pokies than win four symbols of the same kind with an adjacent Wild and a five of a kind will quickly be created in front of your eyes! Wait! This is not everything! Wild can also benefit you with additional credits even when it does not serve as a platform to your winnings! Once you win three adjacent Wild symbols (which you will quickly recognize by the Ariana logo appearing on them), 100 credits will immediately be yours! If 150 credits sound better to you, then all you have to do is win four Wilds on your reels and the most wonderful payout of 500 credits will quickly be yours!

And How Can I Play For Free?

Ariana Mobile Pokies has a whole world of free spins to benefit you with and you only need to start seizing it! The Scatter symbol is your ticket to the exciting ride of free spins! Once you win 3, 4 and even 5 Scatter symbols (you will quickly recognize them! They are very unique since they look like a purple starfish), you will be rewarded with no less than 15 free spins! Once you enter the thrilling world of the free spins mode you get to enjoy 15 spins in which you can win more and more credits! Not even one spin of these 15 spins requires a deposit from your side and all you are required to do is stretch back in your chair and enjoy! The game will spin the reels for you!

Tell Me More! How Can I Master This Game?

Well, as you probably know by now, nothing is as fun as being the boss when it comes to pokies games. Although one of the most rewarding feelings in the different pokies games is the sense of uncertainty and surprise, the combination of these feelings with a spark of control is the most exciting one of them all! Ariana lets you enjoy these feelings very quickly by offering you great gambling features such as the Auto Play mode and the betting options.

The "Auto Play" is a very unique mode that will let you determine with no effort how many times you want the reels to spin for you. Once you start using the Auto Play mode, no further action is required from your side and you can simply sit comfortably while the game is doing all the hard work for you. The reels will spin one by the other, you will not be required to press any button, and winnings (as well as credits, of course) will start to accumulate in front of your eyes.

The betting options, similarly will give you the fine sense of control since you will be able to decide how many coins you use at each and every one of your deposits. You can raise or reduce the amount of coins whenever you want, and be the real master of this game!