Asian Beauty Mobile Pokies – Win Up to 40,000 Credits and High Multipliers Today!

Play and win Asian Beauty Mobile Pokies today! Unique bonuses, special symbols, great multipliers and everything you need in order to enjoy the great benefits and rewards of the game! The mirror bonus can be randomly triggered every now and then, and boost your gaming experience in no time, the Wild and Scatter symbols, which also trigger great rewards quite randomly will make your game better than ever before!

And with 243 different ways to win, you won't get bored for even one moment! Join and enjoy the Auto Play Feature, the Bet Max, the ability to increase and decrease your deposit rate, and all the other special surprises waiting for you over here! Are you ready?  As soon as you read all about this great game, you'll want to head over to All Jackpots Mobile to play and win!

A Wild Game with a Wild Symbol!

A green, round symbol, with a red “Asian Beauty” title, the Wild symbol is easy to be recognized, and fun to use! Wild can replace any symbol on the reels, besides the Scatter (which we will learn all about right away), and thus it can completely change the way you play your game and maximize your winning potential!

As Wild takes the place of other symbols on the reels, it can complete winning combinations, upgrade existing ones and help you win a lot more credits than you thought you could! For example, if you have two symbols of the same kind on adjacent reels, the presence of Wild, next to one of these symbols will create a three of a kind, since the Wild will substitute the missing symbol right away! Similarly, the Wild can appear next to a three of a kind, and then a four of a kind will be created. The five of a kind combination can be created just the same way.

Wild, Credits, and Monetary Prizes

Wild can help you win more credits even when it doesn't replace other symbols and creates or upgrades your combinations. How is that? Easy! It can create combinations of its own just like any other symbol! Two Wild symbols will produce a payout of two credits right away while three such adjacent symbols will grant the players with 25 credits in no time. Players who will have four Wilds on their reels (appearing next to one another), will enjoy no less than 100 credits right away, and in cased five Wilds are on adjacent reels, the payout will be one of the most rewarding ones any type of pokies game ever has offered to gamblers – 2000 credits!

Scatter – the Irreplaceable Symbol

Scatter is one of the most benefiting symbols in this All Jackpots mobile pokies game, and therefore it cannot be easily replaced! This symbols, which is shaped as a wooden box with golden decorations, has two major benefits:

Free Spins

The free spins are one of the player's only opportunities to spin the reels for free, yet have the chance to win pokies online real money credits. Once three such symbols appear next to one another, 10 free spins are triggered right away. In case four Scatters are on adjacent reels, 15 free spins will be triggered, and if all five reels are covered with these special golden boxes, there is absolutely no doubt 25 free spins will start immediately. In addition to that, not only the player's real money winning potential is not reduced during the free spins, but it actually increases! All wins are DOUBLED during the free spins, and this special mode can even be retriggered!

Scatter and Additional Credits

Just like the Wild, Scatter can take part in producing additional credits with no relation to its other prominent benefit. Once three Scatter symbols appear on adjacent reels, the player can enjoy a 5X total bet multiplication! If four such symbols are present, the players will have 15X total bet multiplication, and in case 5 Scatters are on all reels, a 100X total bet multiplication will be triggered right away! Of course, the multiplications, once triggered, do not replace the free spins which are triggered with three Scatters or more.

All in all, by seizing the benefits of the Scatter symbol, players can enjoy up to 40,000 credits!

The Unique Benefit of Asian Beauty – The Mirror Bonus!

Always wanted to enjoy a real unique mobile pokies app benefit? Well, today is your lucky day! Since The Mirror Bonus is in this game, it can be triggered at any moment, and you can use it and enjoy up to 9,000 credits in no time at all! So, how does it work?

Once this bonus is triggered, you are presented with 12 mirrors, and then you can start clicking them. Behind each mirror, an Asian Beauty woman is hiding, and the first three of a kind winning combinations which will be revealed, will credit you with the payout pre-determined. The bonus payouts will be multiplied by total bet.

Features – Your Game, Your Rules!

With the many wonderful gaming features existing in Asian Beauty Mobile Pokies, there is no doubt you will be able to decide how you are going to play the game, what is expecting you, and what you want to have in your next round! Just click the right buttons, and enjoy a whole new world of benefits and rewards!

Coins & Coin Size – What Will Be Your Next Deposit Rate?

Feel like it's time to have the highest winning potential so far? Looking to make your game longer, but you are a bit short in credits now? No matter what is your current situation, and how you wish to play your game, there is a way to make it happen! Everything can be easily done by changing the deposit rate with the COINS button, and the + and – buttons which appear right next to it.

By clicking the + and – buttons, you get to decide what will be your coin size in the net round. By clicking the COINS button, you can increase or decrease the number of coins you will be using in the upcoming round. These features will allow you to gain maximum control over your bets, and to choose exactly how much to wager every time.

Players who are getting shorter in cash can, by using this feature, elongate their game by depositing less each spin. On the other hand, players who won a lot of credits and feel they can go a little wild, are welcome to increase their deposit rate as much as they want to, and enjoy high winning potentials in a matter of seconds. Eventually, the more they bet, the greater their multipliers will become, and the more they will be able to win! The coin size and number of coins used can be changed before or after each bet, and there is no limit on the number of times it can be modified.

Bet Max

Eager? Impatient? Want to have it all right here and right now? No problem! Bet Max button is here to serve you, and you can click it whenever you want! This button increases the number of coins used to the max, as well as the coin size, and triggers a new spin right away. This allows players to enjoy the highest winning potential with no delays at all, as well as to enjoy the next spin without having to wait until they increase the number of coins or coin size as they wish. A single click of a button will do!

Are you still here? It's time to play the best pokies game ever!