Dive Into Luxury With Liquid Gold Mobile Pokies

What could possibly be better than solid gold? Nothing, except liquid gold! Liquid Gold Mobile Pokies captures the essence of this incredible substance in a fast-paced, engaging pokies game featured at All Jackpots Mobile Casino.

This game is one of a few pokies created by the renowned gaming experts at Microgaming that are all inspired by precious metals. Experience the glistening, enchanting quality of liquid gold through this fabulous pokies game that you can play right on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.

Liquid Gold, which is available for iOS and Android devices, features five action-packed reels and twenty paylines for you to cash in on. With classy gold and black details, you will be playing in the lap of luxury.

This review will present you with the information you need about the fabulous bonuses and exciting features in the game. It may even make Liquid Gold your new favorite pokies game out of all the many wonderful All Jackpots Mobile Pokies available.

All Gold Everything – An Introduction To The Symbols

The first thing you will notice is the golden gleam of the entire game. This is especially noticeable on the reels. In addition to many golden regular symbols (letters and numbers) you will see a few special symbols.

The symbols that are images are the ones you want to see on your screen, because they give you bigger payouts when they appear on your payline. These include the single 24k gold bar, the stack of three gold bars, the stack of six gold bars, and the bucket of molten, liquid gold. These shiny symbols will have your adrenaline pumping and elevate your excitement to new heights, because you know that they can bring a big payout.

In addition, there are two extra special symbols that will take your gameplay to a whole new level. These symbols are the “Liquid Gold” logo and the Bonus Crucible. You will be delighted when you see them on the reels, because both of these trigger extra features. These features will be explained next.

Go Wild With The Liquid Gold Logo

As soon as you see one of the Liquid Gold logos on a reel, you will instantly get excited. That is because the logo acts a wild symbol, which means that it replaces any other symbol (except the Bonus Crucible) in order to match with other symbols and complete paylines, winning you tons of coins.

If you get five of the Liquid Gold logo across any payline, you can win a huge award of 5000x the line bet you originally placed. If you put a maximum bet of 10 coins, this can get you an amazing jackpot of 50,000 coins!

Behind that, the next highest payout that can be achieved is with five buckets of liquid gold, winning you a cool 2000x your line bet in coins. The stack of six bars is after that, adding to your pot 1500x your line bet. Respectively, if you bet the maximum, then you can get payouts up to 20,000 and 15,000 coins!

These combinations make it possible for you to collect huge sums of mobile pokies real money in a single game. Even if you have already spun many times, a single win like that can make it all worth your while.

Clearly, the logo for Liquid Gold Mobile Pokies is what you want to see on your reels. However, you can also see that there are many other combinations that can pay out the gold that you want.

Free Spins With the Bonus Crucible

Many people might not be familiar with what a crucible is, but once it is clear, it will make sense why this is the most valuable symbol in the game. A crucible is a container is able to withstand incredibly high heat, and it is usually used for things like metal and glass production.

Therefore, the crucible is crucial because it is where the liquid gold is held, shaped, and made. Of course, it is only natural that something so important to the gold-making process adds a special feature to the game.

Here, the crucible acts as the scatter symbol, unlocking a mobile pokies bonus feature. When at least three of the Bonus Crucibles appear on your reels, you will get ten free games where all of your wins are doubled.

In addition, you will enjoy something called the “Scatter Pays” feature. If you get four or five of the crucibles on your screen, the wins increase accordingly. This can happen when the scatter combinations appear in any position on any reel. As a result of this, the jackpot is increased to 100,000 coins!

Immerse Yourself In Glorious Gold – Play and Win Today!

Humans have been fascinated by this metal for thousands of years – and it is pretty easy to see why! Gorgeous and luminescent, gold symbolizes wealth, health, and prosperity.

With this great game, you can enjoy the ethereal beauty of liquid gold, and maybe you will even win enough to get a solid bar of it for yourself! When it comes to choosing one of the many All Jackpots Mobile Pokies, you cannot go wrong when you go for the gold and play Liquid Gold Mobile Pokies.