Play Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies and Make the Most of Your Chance to Be a Hero

Big Kahuna has been one of Microgaming’s all-time most-played pokies for many years.  Now Big Kahuna mobile pokies is online, ready to help channel your inner hero!  Longtime fans of the Kahuna already know the amazing story but if you are a new player the story that awaits you in Big Kahuna mobile pokies is one you will want to retell over and over.  Who doesn’t want to be a hero?

You can be a hero, that is, play Big Kahuna, and many other exciting mobile pokies, at All Jackpots mobile casino where, if you are a first time player, you can enjoy a mobile pokies no deposit bonus.  More on the bonus after we…

Let the Story Unfold

But we are getting ahead of ourselves!  The story begins with innocent holiday seeker, you, lolling on a tropical beach in a warm tropical island far from crocs and other worldly concerns.  The island natives are happy to serve you.  They bring you a juicy selection of delightful tropical fruit, nurtured by the soft island breezes and the gentle, plentiful rainfall.

The Other Symbols

Meet the lizard.  It might give you a start the first time it appears but the islanders assure you that it can do you no harm.  They only warn you that the lizard may dart its tongue out and take a fruit.

Big Kahuna pokies has a grinning monkey which is the Scatter symbol.  Scatters usually play two roles.  First, they pay in all positions. In most pokies, the Scatter also sends you to the free spins bonus round.  One of the elements that has kept Big Kahuna pokies a perennial favourite is that there are two bonus rounds, neither is for free spins, and other symbols send you to these bonus rounds!

The island Chief is here moving around the reels, keeping tabs on all the action on the island.  He will direct you when you are called to save the island.  Oops! We jumped the gun again!

The Big Kahuna logo is the Wild symbol.  If you get five Wilds, you get an $8000 bonus which is multiplied by the number of coins you bet on the winning line.

Mask and Volcano: Important contrasting Symbols

The volcano and the mask send you to bonus rounds.  The islanders may seem like simple holiday hosts but, in reality, they are world class artist wood carvers.  The mask symbol epitomizes their artistry.  When you see one mask on the reels, you hope to see a complete collection of them.  When three masks come up you go to the mask bonus where there are 8 masks, each exquisitely hand-carved from the malleable local wood.

Behind five of the masks is a cash bonus.  Behind three of them is the word “collect”.  You choose masks one at a time.  You hope to choose all five cash bonuses before you get collect.  If your luck is not with you, and you get collect on the first try, the natives will give you a nice consolation prize.

Volcano Bonus

The volcano is always in the background and no one seems to pay it much mind.  The island was formed eons ago when the volcano blew its top, probably several times!  But for now the volcano is quiet. It has been dormant for a long time and the only person on the island who knows the legend of how the Big Kahuna, the island’s legendary hero, stopped a major volcanic eruption is the humble chief.  You eat your fruit, shoo away the silly lizard, laugh at the goofy monkey, and pay the volcano no mind.

Then!!  Three volcanoes come up on the reels!  You are instantly whisked to the volcano bonus.  The volcano is spewing ash high into the atmosphere.  The chief is there with you.  He fears for his people, their culture of hosting holiday seekers, cultivating the abundant local fruits, and carving masks.  The chief now tells you the legend of the Big Kahuna: he quieted the volcano by offering a sacrifice of fruit to it.  The original Big Kahuna was not a native of the island; he was a holiday seeker like you.  Only a vacationer can make the fateful choice to quiet the mountain!

Three fruits appear before you.  They are decorated in colorful flowers and ribbons.  You must choose one and only one to offer the mountain.  A violent storm is raging at the mountain summit.  You must choose NOW!

You make your choice.  The volcano quiets down.  The chief thanks you.  Even he didn’t know if the legend was true or not!  You return to your soft chair on the beach.  Everything seems to go back to normal but you have an eye open to the volcano.  Then you realize that whichever fruit you had chosen would have mollified the volcano.  Your prize for succeeding was only determined by which fruit you chose.  Now you understand that you should hope to return to the volcano bonus often to reap the benefit of the large cash bonuses there!

The No Deposit Bonus

Surely you remember that we mentioned a no deposit bonus.

All Jackpots mobile casino has a new Welcome Package for new players.  It begins with a no deposit bonus and continues with cash gifts and matching bonuses for your first four deposits in your first week of gaming.  The Welcome Bonus is potentially worth $1630!

Join the Big Kahuna in Island Lore

Big Kahuna mobile pokies is fast becoming one of All Jackpots’ most popular pokies.  When you make your pokies mobile you want clear definition on the screen.  All the pokies at All Jackpots have been reformatted to play like real on most mobile devices.