Win at All JackpotsChristmas Market Promotion Grants Player with Cashback and Free Spins!

Christmas time may be followed by colder weather outdoors, but indoors things are boiling hot! As casinos are getting ready for the most magical and beautiful time of the year, the best promotion of all is now available for gamers who want to play, enjoy, and win the most amazing bonuses and prizes which have ever been offered in the casino industry. If you are interested in playing multiple great games, offered as part of the promotion, and even not as part of the promotion (simply offered at the casino), enjoy the free spins bonuses, and even receiving some cashback on the way, you definitely want to know more about Christmas Market promotion! Now also available in the mobile casinos for Aussies, this promotion will be taking place for a whole month, and at the closing event you will also have the ability to win a shared prize of $25,000! How awesome is that?

Bonuses! So Many Bonuses!

Yes, that is correct. And not only multiple bonuses are offered at this promotion, but you will also be able to CHOOSE when you want to purchase them! The free spins bonus, free bonus, and cashback bonus will all be offered during this month, and it will be completely up to you to decide when you go to the store and make the purchase!

When purchasing the free spins, you will be able to enjoy playing Santa's Wild Secret, Avalon, Secret Santa, Immortal Romance, and even Bridesmaids! Additionally, keep in mind that different packages are offered, and therefore even with relatively limited budgets, you will still be able to spoil yourself and purchase this bonus. For example, it is always possible to purchase the 5 free spins package, which is worth $10, for only 250 coins. The 30 free spins package, however, which is worth $15, can be purchased for 1200 coins.

When it comes to cashback, players would like to remember they can purchase one such bonus at a time, and one bonus per deposit. The purchase has to be made prior to making the deposit, and it will be credited to the player as the deposit is complete.

What Should I Do In Order to Purchase the Bonuses?

In order to purchase the bonuses, the only thing that is required from you is simply to collect Christmas Coins. The more Christmas Coins you have, the more expensive bonuses you can purchase. Collecting such points, by the way, can be the most adventurous and fun activity you will be doing at the whole event!

In order to accumulate these coins, all you have to do is play! You may play the casino's different games, to participate in other promotions taking place in the same casino, and you can also play the casino's games. The more games you play, the more loyalty points you will get to collect, and each loyalty point accumulated will be equal to one Christmas Coin.

It is always good to remember that although accumulating Christmas Coins is directly related to collecting loyalty points, the act of purchasing bonuses does not affect the loyalty points and the casino's loyalty tiers by any means.

When and Where Can I Start playing?

As to where, you can always sign up (or sign in) to All Jackpots mobile casino or online casino, as it definitely hosts this special promotion. In addition to that, additional great casinos will also be holding this promotion and you better know all about them: All Slots, First Web Casino, and VIP Lounge Casino.

When it comes to “when” the answer would be - at any given moment! The promotion starts on Sunday, November 29th 7:00 AM, GMT, and it will going on for a whole month, until December 25th, 23:59 PM, GMT.

One of the most special things about his promotion is that it does not use the re-count method which most other promotions use at the beginning of every week. That means that coins collected at the very first day of the promotion will still exist in the balance account, even at the last day of the promotion, as long as they haven't been used in purchases. This way, players will also be able to purchase a lot of bonuses, and even relatively expensive bonuses, as they have the ability to save coins over time.

Draw Day

Are you curious to know what will you be able to win at this special day? Since everybody is probably just as enthusiastic as you are, we better find out as quickly as possible! Eventually, the casinos will be crediting the players with a shared prize of $25,000 credits which will be divided as follows: $5 bonus will be granted to 1000 winners, while $10 bonus will be credited to 250 winners, and $25 bonus will belong to 100 winners. 50 winners will be able to receive $50, and $100 bonus will eventually belong to 25 winners. 10 lucky players will be fortunate enough to be granted with $500 bonus, and 5 lucky players will be glad to receive nothing less than the top $1000 bonus! The Draw Day will be taking place on December 26th, and players will be able to win ticket until December 25th, at midnight. In addition to that, players would definitely like to know that all SEK players are eligible to enjoy a 10X multiplication on their prize value.

How Do I Get a Ticket for the Draw?

Getting a ticket to the draw is pretty much done by combining all the most exciting activities at the events, and committing them one by the other. Once players play the games, as previously mentioned, they get to accumulate loyalty points which are worth an equivalent number of Christmas Coins. Enough Christmas Coins will allow players to purchase different bonuses. Each bonus purchased will grant the player with 1 ticket to the Draw.

Eventually, the more tickets each player has, the greater his chances to win at the Draw are. However, players should be aware that in case more than one ticket of theirs is drawn, they will be granted with the prize of the highest value.

Winning and Notifications

That's it! The great moment has arrived! Winners are announced and prizes are granted to gamers! Now, the only thing remaining is letting the happy players know how lucky they are! First of all, players would like to keep in mind that as they are participating in the promotion, they actually give rights to their casino, or any third body related to the event, to publicize their first name, initial letter of the surname and their location as well.

When it comes to letting players know about their great fortune, the casinos will usually deliver the messages via an SMS text message, email, or a message within the casino's software.

Good luck!