Test Your Navigational Skills: Win at All Slots - The Quest in November

Get your sea legs ready because you are about to embark on a journey for top prizes at All Slots Casino.  Throughout November you can sail on the calm seas of The Quest in pursuit of great rewards!  This November, Win at All Slots - The Quest will be the daily refrain of thousands, nay millions, of happy seafaring seekers of fortune!

The Bright People Behind the Scenes

The Quest is the latest monthly promotion put together by the prize-loving developers at Jackpot Factory, a leading group of online casinos.  These fun-loving creators devised a brilliant idea to maintain interest and wide participation in their monthly promotions: make it easy for everyone to win!

The Quest is set up so everyone can win with just a little gaming activity!  Play a little; win a lot!  First of all, the game is divided into four one week games.  Each week begins on Sunday morning one minute after midnight GMT and ends on Saturday night one minute before midnight GMT.  Got it?  The Quest runs for four full weeks but if you can’t play every day for four full weeks, you can still win because Jackpot Factory, All Slots Casino, and their sister casinos have divided the game to accommodate your busy schedule!

The dates of each one week session are as follows:

  • Week 1: 1 November to 7 November
  • Week 2: the 8th to the 14th
  • Week 3: the 15th to the 21st
  • Week 4: the 22nd to the 28th.

Do I need a Captain’s License to Win?

It’s easy to win!  First you have to opt in.  This is a formality but it’s a very important formality because the computers don’t know you’re playing The Quest unless you tell them.  So remember to opt in every week.

Then, you receive two goals for that week.  When you finish your goals, you automatically get a prize.  Accomplishing your assigned tasks is as simple as making a few wagers!  If you’re a veteran gamer at All Slots or any other Jackpot Factory casino, you know about the Loyalty Club.  Every wager is worth Loyalty Points.  The Quest is run as a function of the Loyalty Points you earn each week.  The number of Loyalty Points you need to win is quite minimal; every participating gamer will reach their destination soon!

Aussies will be happy to learn that pokies earn the most Loyalty Points.  What’s a few spins on a favourite pokies game top a devoted Aussie gamer?

About Jackpot Factory

Jackpot Factory is composed of five online casinos: All Slots, All Jackpots, Wild Jack, First Web, and the VIP Lounge.  Each casino is a participant in The Quest.

This means that any wager made at any of the casinos counts toward your goal as if it were made at All Slots Casino, the flagship of the group!  When we say Win at All Slots - The Quest we don’t mean that you have to play at All Slots.  You can play at any or all of the member casinos and your wagers will count toward your goals!

The symbiosis between casinos gets even better!  Say you play at All Jackpots mobile casino.  Your bets count toward your goal, too!  Every subsidiary mobile casino is also part of the same network so you don’t have to download another mobile casino to play The Quest!

Jackpot Factory boasts some of the finest mobile casinos for Aussies.  The game selection continues to grow each month.  The graphics, animation, and sound quality are state-of-the-art.  The games that Microgaming has reformatted for mobile for Jackpot Factory and others are gamers’ favourites.  So you get a wonderful library of casino games when you play at any Jackpot Factory mobile casino!

Help is on the Way

The promoters want everyone to win!  So, they have set up two Boosters to help you reach your goals quickly.  As you sail the open waters, you will reach the halfway point in your travels.  When you do so, you will automatically be “boosted” forward!  Remember, your goal is to reach your assigned goals every week; the promotion’s goal is that everyone win!

The second booster will take place on two unannounced Fridays.  Players who haven’t been able to play for 48 consecutive hours will get a boost on two Fridays during the month!

Loyalty Club

All Slots and its sister casinos are using Loyalty Points as a springboard for The Quest to impress upon all gamers the great value inherent in the Loyalty Club.  As you wager, you earn Loyalty Points.  These points are ultimately worth money, when you have earned enough to cash them in.  But Loyalty Points also help you rise within the Club.  Every new level you reach in the Loyalty Club brings with it new and better benefits.  It certainly pays to play and earn Loyalty Points!

In the same way that all the points you earn whilst playing The Quest are counted whether you play on a PC casino or on a mobile casino that are all part of the Jackpot Factory group, so do Loyalty Points grow at all times.  The points you get playing at one casino are put into the same pool of Loyalty Points as those earned from another member casino.  In this way, your status within the Club can rise quickly!


The Welcome Bonus offered to new players at all member casinos is worth potentially $1630.  If you haven’t joined the group yet, now is the time to do so!  You can join at any member PC or mobile casino and Win at All Slots - The Quest!